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So Cold by Jim Jeffrey
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Mission Statement

For many long years musicians have felt the need to be signed to record labels to produce and market their own music. The elusive record contract has become a Holy Grail to many musicians but many independent artists have proven this truth to be a fallacy.

Other up-and-coming bands are also finding commercial success marketing their music on homemade CD's and making their songs available through online formats such as download and social networking sites.

So what if you can't afford thousands of dollars for studio time? Not to worry, as today's technology allows you to make a pro quality CD in your own home.

And thus in this spirit was created “So Cold”. Using only home equipment consisting of a computer with recording software, microphone, a selection of instruments and sheer determination this project was conceived and completed entirely in my own home. All songs were recorded and mixed at my home on non-pro equipment, doing all of the writing, producing, recording and mixing myself.

Any musician with a small amount of gear and a lot of devotion can make a pro quality CD. If you have ambition you can market it yourself, and you don't have to let your dreams go by the wayside while waiting for a label to call.

On this CD I play guitar, bass, banjo, flute, cello, percussion, sitar, keyboards and harmonica, as well as sing. On a few tracks other musicians were brought in to get a different feel. Teddy Pentelas, for example, plays a wonderful jazz progression with distorted solos and clean stuff on "Sky".

The hardest part of the process was fighting past being over critical of my music in order to become objective. When you do all the steps from writing to producing all these crazy mental things go on in your head, you just have to fight past it.
Having played jazz and heavy metal, I was looking for a more simplistic yet powerful approach to my music, taking inspiration from Johnny Cash's American Recordings, namely the "A Hundred Highways" disc.

These songs are so simple but so powerful, nothing the use of good lyrics, five chords and a melody to convey so much raw emotion in a recording. Playing complicated music can be very rewarding but if one can't play simple, powerful songs then how can they truly play something so complex and convey the same feelings?"

I am so grateful to friends who helped with other aspects of the project such as designing this website, writing copy for the site or even offering insightful comments and words of encouragement. If this record does anything I hope it inspires others to do the same.